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I have a question for any agents experienced with Fannie Mae.I understand that Fannie Mae outsources about half of their listings and keeps about half in house. So, It's obviously important to be an approved Fannie Mae broker. I sent in our application a while ago but have not been approved and the application clearly states that they will keep it on file for 2 years and if you have not heard back then you can re-apply.My REO team is approved with a few other asset managent co's that handle Fannie Mae listings. Some have set us up as being approved to receive Fannie Mae listings and others require your Fannie Mae ID# to be able to complete their MLA. So, my question is......Can I receive a Fannie Mae listing through an asset management company even if I have not been approved directly through Fannie Mae?Thanks!

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  • Can someone help or direct me please. I was accepted by Fannie Mae and received listings early this month. I went and serviced all properties, then input info on Equator. At this point I do not have a signed copy of MLA back from Fannie Mae. The sales rep asking me for, also I'm 9 days late already not having copy.  I asked if he can help and he direct me to call and e-mail help desk . I'm not getting any answer from help desk after several e-mails. Does anybody experience similar situation and how did you manage this matter? I do not know where else to go or ask for help. 

    Also, per instruction I have re-keyed one property yesterday and today I have received e-mail from Safeguard that they re-key same property. It seems like there is not much communication between related services or parties. Should I submit invoice to sale rep or directly to billing department to account payable? 

    • When did FM accept your brokerage?  What makes you say "I was accepted by Fannie Mae" whom contacted you and how?

      Have you taken your Fannie Mae Homepath classes?

      • Joshua,

        I got e-mail  about 2-3 weeks ago I was accepted. Shortly after I got the listings directly from Fannie Mae , so if you get listings I would say yes you are accepted. Yes, I did the classes and past. Well the rep asking for MLA signed by Fannie May and I do not have that. The sales rep said keep sending request.   I'm very confused.  Can you help? I hate to be late, special on first assignments. That doesn't look good on your profile. 

        • I will call you and discuss.  I know it is about 6:30 where you are at so send me a message when you have time to discuss.  Thanks

  • Fannie Mae removed all outsourcers 6-12 months least in my area.  I am pretty sure it was nationwide.

    • You are correct all Fannie Mae sales are handled in house.  Im in Texas 

      • Joshua I am in Texas as well What county are you in. Grayson County  is where I am at.

        • Im located in Bastrop County.  We need to work together to make some money. LOL.  The bank whom gave me the footprints listing was BOA but the middle man to BOA was SPS.  FYI

          • Joshua good day to you Sir yes we need to work together referrals are always great. Grayson county is up near the boarder of Oklahoma and Texas we call our area Texoma of course Tex is first lol

  • Yes as long as your BROKER is a Fannie Mae broker.  You mean nothing to FM.  Your broker must meet certain criteria to gain this blessing.  I have been doing Fannie Mae directs for approx 10 years and EVERYTHING is changing.  From my knowledge the outsource companies for FM will not be around soon.  

    About Multiform:  DO NOT BUY THIS.  Fannie mae is now using Equator and Multi form is no longer needed.  Thanks

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