Fannie Mae Outsourcers

I just received an e-mail last week from an outsourcer that I list Fannie Mae properties thru.  Apparently they are reducing the listing commission to 2% from 2.5% & adding on a $50 technology fee which I assume is for using Equator.  Has anyone else seen this yet?   

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  • This is something you should SCREAM about ... Fannie and Freddie are Governess owned... what is this outsourser doing, besides taking half a point, do they have a friend (cousin that works at Fannie or Freddie)   Tell your Congressman about this and write to NAR.   The FHFA is in charge of Fannie and Freddie, were I a Congressman I would want to know what they are doing for this.  Half a point.. give me a break.. why is it a percentage not a flat fee?


    Margaret looks like you had some good responses here. I invite you to join the Fannie Mae group here on REO PRO. There is a link above to a similar posting I had on this topic.

  • Yes, we received the same email here in CA.  I have my first and only Fannie Mae listing with Equator.  I have a question for you in regards to Cash for Keys with Equator on Fannie Mae.  I submitted a CFK expense on April 5th and it was approved on April 26th.  I still have not received payment.  How long does it take?  It's almost two months since approval and my asset manager said its should have been immediate.  I'm getting a little worried because its a big sum.  What's your experience with reimbursements?
    • Fannie Mae reimbursements are very slow........My outsourcer is Equity Pointe also but my business partner is FNMA direct.  2 months is a good while.  I have gotten reimbursed for all the CFK's I have done for EP as well as all other expenses. 
  • Yep. Got similar emails from all my Fannie Mae outsourcers.  Apparantly, the outsourcers requested an increase in their fees and it is comming out of the listing commission.  The $50 fee is news to me.  It is my understanding that Fannie generally prohibits vendors from charging the agents a fee for anything associated with marketing or selling their assets.  That would include training, technology, membership fees etc.  I had wondered if that is why the outsources went from Res.Net to Equator.
    • I have heard in the past that Fannie Mae is going to go to Equator for direct & indirect.....the fannie mae direct agents are not seeing the cut in their commission, at least not yet.....
    • Good day Margaret & Tom:

      How long did you guys wait before someone from Fannie Mae reach out to you? I have been approved broker for almost a year now (don't really know what's approved entails) and I update my profile regularly to make sure my license, E&O, etc are up to date. I check the RFx tab every day to see if  Fannie Mae Master Listing is uploaded, unfortunately, no luck until now.



      Jerry Filoteo

      Bridgeport Real Estate


      • The fannie mae listings I have gotten have been through outsourcers.  Thanks

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