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    Aug 2011, I received a phone call from Fannie Mae and the conversation ended with, I would be brought on board. . .I have not heard anything since and the application person won't answer my emails, has anyone else experienced this type of treatment, and how did you get things resolved

    • Anyone have advice as to how to prepare for the interview? What questions will be asked?

  • Hi all,

    My husband attended the Five Star Conference as he handles all the pre-listing and marketing activities for our REO team. He signed up for the Fannie Mae training and was put on a waiting list. A week before the conference he got an email with ok to attend the training. He stayed over an extra day to attend this training which he said was really informative. He was emailed some training videos and was given the training handbook at the meeting. At one of the breaks he asked one of the Fannie Mae speakers how hard was it going to be to get added to the network. The speaker asked if he was already doing Fannie direct REO's. He said no that was why he was at the training. She said that the training was for existing members only and was puzzled that he was there. He said he was invited.

    Question 1 - did anyone else attend the training who were not already in their direct network? If so, what was your take on the training? We thought it was a pre-requisite for getting into their network of Fannie direct.

    Question 2 - the application is pretty lengthy. There is a lot of information that our broker needs to fill out (like how many W2 employees do they have?). The application asks for the agents contact information. My question is does the broker fill out a separate application for each agent in our office? Or does Fannie only allow one agent per broker? My husband is the only one from our area that attended the Five Star Conference let alone the Fannie Training. There are other agents in our office that are requesting the broker fill out the application for them. We not only compete against other agents in our service area, but we also compete against some agents in our office for REO's. We do more to market REO's than anyone else in our area and hope during the screening process this is noticed by Fannie. It would be problematic if Fannie only allowed 1 agent per application.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    • I attended the Fannie Mae Broker Training in Dallas and I thought it was informative. My Fannie Mae listings come through an asset management company. My understanding was that the invitation was sent to all Fannie Mae agents whether they are direct or not and the purpose of the training was to get consistancy in the way all agents handle their properties.
  • I emailed someone at Fannie mae yesterday asking them if I could get in on the class at 5 star and I was told that it was full
  • I attended this meeting yesterday at Long Beach, CA. I just wanted to clarify this meeting is only for Southern California Direct Fannie Mae and Outsources Partners. They did not say much about Equator, just hinted coming soon. The training was good. There might be more trainings coming in Nortehrn CA in near future.
    • I too attended this Fannie Mae training yesterday in Long Beach, CA.. very informative, good stuff.. I do recommend attending....
      • Hi Cathy,
        when did you receive the invite for this training- Im in Long Beach, CA. and i believe that i deleted the email. i need to go back and see if i can retrieve it from my recycle bin. But i need more less a date. can you please let me know? thank you.
        • Rosie, I recieved the invite the week of August 9th...
      • So, Ranjit, you are saying that the meeting in Long Beach was "invitation only" for Direct Fannie Mae agents and Outsources Partners ? I do sell Fannie Mae through ORDMS, a month or so ago, I got my login/password for Fannie's SAP website but I have never received an assignment or any further instructions.
        What I am wondering is.... because I got the invite to the class at 5 Star, does that mean that I may be getting direct Fannie assignments in the near future. I know Fannie is making alot of changes, and I was hoping this invitiation was the beginning of assignments to come.
        I also got an login/password for SymphonyReo a couple days ago. I have learned that they are an eviction company that handles evictions for certain banks. My broker got the same email, and the only application I ever put his email on was Fannie Mae's.

        Does anyone know if Fannie use the symphonyreo for their evictions ??

        Re: Gina response: the training videos were included in the confirmation email I received when I signed up for the invitation only class.
        Crossing my fingers... that this is all the beginning of many Fannie properties to come...
        To all that are attending the class... SEE YOU IN DALLAS...
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