I'm new to the site so I hope I am not breaking any rules.My latest quest in the REO world is acceptance into the Fannie Mae Broker network. Would anyone happen to know how the Sales Representatives are assigned properties? Is it geographically? If it is then it would be possible to determine which Sales Rep's cover my area. Then i would know who I need to solicit.Thank you to anyone who would be kind enought to share some insight!Lorraine

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  • I agree with Lorraine--fannie is basically owned by all of us taxpayers. They should spread them around. We have Brokers with 30+ listings, while most have none. Not fair.
  • Lorraine just wondering if you had any luck?
    • Southern California Broker Application-6 for FNMA was due by 10/15/2010. Fannie Mae anticipates conclusion of review/evaluation by mid-Nov. to early Dec. 2010. Prior to this time, Fannie Mae will not be able to provide feedback to Respondents regarding thier inclusion in the Fannie Mae Network. Posted from FNMA website. Their is a new FNMA rep for Southern California coming from Arizona recently.
      • Hi Kent,

        I recently received the Southern California Broker Application-2 also due on 10/15. Do you have any idea why yours is -6 and mine was -2? Did you work your way up to -6 or is that for each area?
        • Hi Richard,

          The application was the same for Southern California. I am not sure about

          the number sequences. My initial application was approved and then sent

          to the next level for approval. Still no guarantees.

      • Has anyone heard from FNMA on this yet? I haven't heard anything back yet.
  • Lorraine
    Did you ever have any luck?
  • Daniel,

    Can multiple office brokerage firm may have different agents working directly with FM or just one per the whole company?

  • Hi Lorraine,
    So any luck with figuring out how to get ahold of the rep for your area?
    If you did please le me know. I've been trying myself. If i do figure it out i'd be sure to share.
    We're in separate areas so... nothing to worry about...
    • I would like that info also. Im in the Denver Metro area and it is the same thing here. One agent seems to have most of the listings. I guess the reason its so hard to break in is it is the Goverment!
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