Quite frankly

I am sick and tired of being mistreated by these BPO firms-

I am thinking we cannot insist on this through a professional organization-because it would be considered "price fixing" . I am thinking that may not apply to corporate consumers?any one out there have any thoughts?

In my opinion,

if they want their forms typed,they should type it themselves-

rendering  "adjustments " on properties we have not idea on what is on the inside in my opinion is asinine-and a waste of time.

now-they are getting pissy about no access for interiors-I am starting to refuse making multiple call to the POC-1 call,that's it-no access-a cancellation fee should apply.

and repair estimates-

general contractors charge a fee for repair estimates-we have to as part of the file-we are not trained-nor adequately compensated.

finally-they want 48 hour turn around and then have the audacity to make us wait 60 days for out money?  


we should be getting 50 buck a file for 

picking comps

taking pics

coming up with a value-

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  • Smartest thing to do is QUIT doing BPOs. I quit three years ago and will never do another one. There is no real money to be made with BPOs.

    Use your real estate license in the manner for which is  intended -  LIST LIST LIST LIST LIST, then do a bit of selling. If you do not want to list and sell, then you are in the wrong business. Go get a job!

    Listings are $$$$$ on the way to your bank account.

  • You might find your license prohibits such an action.  Bottom line is if you don't like the terms don't take the work?

  • Neal,

    What difference would it make in the long term if we were getting paid $40 a BPO (like we are now) or if we were getting $50 and the Union Dues ate up $10?

    When I sign up for a BPO company I always get their pay schedule in writing. That way, when I call them looking for my money, I can use their own policy to support my argument. If that doesn't work, a simple 1 page letter from an attorney can do wonders!

  • No, I don't think it's a good idea and I don't think it would ever work. A couple years ago someone in some group I'm in somewhere (don't remember which one) suggested a BPO strike. Everyone rejecting all orders during a certain week to protest low fees and slow pay. It would never work because there will always be agents in every market that would accept what everyone else rejects.

    I quit doing interiors a few years ago. Most were for shorts sales then, and the local brokers always wanted us to go on their schedules and follow us around. Then if they didn't get their approval we'd get angry phone calls. At first I only accepted interiors if I knew they were REO but even that became a pain because many of the listing brokers were to lazy to check if they were rekeyed so it often meant multiple trips. On exteriors I only accept orders that are pretty close and are not anything that would be difficult to find comps for. Last week I accepted 3, turned down at least 10. I won't take anything less than $50 and I have two clients that'll pay $65. Because I only take the easy and close ones I rarely spend more than an hour per order.

    I think you can't fight them because it seems there is always someone willing to work for less. I ignore the $35 orders, let someone else do them. I often get calls from companies asking me to do orders they can't place. These are usually the ones that are a little too far away or harder to find comps for. Unless they are willing to increase the fee quite a bit I won't help them. I feel I don't owe them anything.

  • Best reply to this is . . . refuse to do BPO's if you feel like your time is not worth the small fee.  Another thing . . . you can't be mistreated unless you allow yourself to be mistreated.

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