In light of recent talk from some city representatives, a discussion about de-funding local police departments seems to be sweeping over some American cities. As a relatively reasonable and logical person, such action seems like a knee jerk reaction to precieved droconian enforcement of law but, it's a conversation our Country is having none the less. With that being said, I wonder what other real estate professionals would have to say about such dismantling of local law enforcement and what prediction real estate professional have as to home values when and if such abolishing was to take place in their town or city? 

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  • No city is defunding the police so there will be no effect on real estate.
    • I wish that were true but, sadly, it's not.
  • It will require citizens to hire private security. This is probably as a result of city and state governments being bankrupt as Detroit in 2013 was, This being the case, it a tough place to live without police protection. The city of Detroit auctioned off artifacts to pay debt. Basic city services such as street lights, water and trash removal ceased to exist thereby leaving residents to fin for themselves. Detroit is an example of what can happen to cities that do not have the funds available to pay for the protection of it's citizens.
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