• I haven't had much activity in the recent weeks and was told volume is low. I still get my (weekly) performance reports and have also inquired on obtaining plantinum status. 
    • same here for 3 weeks. What they did is Raised the Bar again 2x  in 2 weeks. Some of the top  shinning bpo members in the Panel newsletter will not be good enough to stay PT status. Mine still says AUTO assign. Rating dropped.

      They also increased my peer group this week with a huge # of competing agents(wider area). The implication is they try to get agents fight over for less fees.   94.17% is Pt status.   Now my routine for 2+ yrs is interrupted.


  • The valuation group(farvv) has raised the standards(gold bar) twice last two weeks.  To get to PT level one needs to be 94+% which is hard to attain.  Something is  cooking there.
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