• I'm doing my first interior BPO for them now. And the forms are different from what I'm use to. Are the sections submitted together on one final submit? Or separately? There should be some directions:0(

    No one to ask, over the weekend..........Any help?

    Thank you!

    • Bettie,

      Carrington Forms
      Each Section
      Click Edit --> Fill Out --> Save --> Submit

      On top of that, the listings and sales each have a Save/Submit Button at the bottom right when all 3 have been saved and submitted.  This must be clicked too or else all the listings and sales will still be marked as red on the Final Submit tab.  The Submit tab is the final submittal of the whole form, it can be submitted once everything else has been submitted if that makes any sense. I had to email support on my first forms just to submit the orders.  Not a user friendly setup to say the least.  Hope this helps.

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      • Thank you! You are wonderful:0) And I just noticed the first email, says only 5 pictures, plus comps are requested for interior. I took over 50 pictures! Not sure if that one is true or not. But taking way too much work!

        Thanks again:0) For staying up late!

  • I work with them in Alabama, they use Equator for tasks, etc, they are a solid company.

    • oh ok, Thank Greg

      • I was wondering the same thing I also received the message and didn't remember even signing up.  In regards to your previous message, We'll try to get the Imortgage order capture available as soon as possible Misael.

  • Ive been with them for 2 years and have gotten 2 BPO orders but they do pay quickly (within 45 days)

  • I received the same thing.. Lets see what comes of it...

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