burned by capitol one

I have just had a listing pulled while it was in the CFK stage--no reason, no explanation, by Capitol One.  The listing disappeared from the site--that is how I found out.  No email, no phone call, telling me I have been fired.  Seems like that is only common courtesy.    I still have the check to give to the occupant--appt is Sunday.  What would you do? 

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  • Anyone currently working with Capitol One to list REO's?  How is it going?  Any feedback on how I can get setup with them? Asset manager email or contact info I can follow up with?

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  • Just an FYI, We had one that was listed but disappear from a web based platform when we went to enter an offer.

    Contacted the AM the the AMs response was "Did it go to auction". Well no, if they go to auction we get a contact email and it does not just disappear.

    We finally had to get ahold of tech support with the internal control number of the asset and were told the code was changed and it was going to high volume sales. We actually had to advise the AM what happened. Glad we did not have anything out on it for reimbursement at the time.
  • I just listed a property with Capital One and wrote a contract, which they said they accepted and I can not get an executed contract back. They will not even respond to me. Communication is very slim with this company.
    • Frustrating, isnt it? I dont now how they expect to sell anything when they dont even return calls. Seems like that is business 101.
  • If Capital One pulled the listing, they are no longer your client. Since they are no longer your client, continuing with the CFK has no upside for you and it can result in significant liability for you as well. I would send the check back to Capital One and stop all contact with the occupant.
  • I wouldnt give out the check w/out a final aproval from your asset manager..... nope, not me!!
    • The real problem is--I have been trying to call this guy with no luck and no return calls. Why should I help these guys by completing the CFK? It is time for Brokers to stand up and not allow themselves to be treated this way. It is very discouraging to see how this REO stuff has become-mean and cold. By the way--my experience with Capitol One has been very bad--from the CFK co-ordinator not calling for 14 days to repond to the occupants counter, to the asset manager losing a great offer because he was rude and would not repond, and now this..
  • Call your AM. Could be that they lost the asset. Could be a post foreclosure BK which could get them (and possibly you) in a lawsuit if you go out. Find out from who ever you can get a hold of for resolution. Not legal advise just been there.
    Good Luck
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