• Doris, 

    My company, BPO Automation Group created Auto-Accept software back in 2009 and we helped thousands of BPO and REO professionals capture millions of dollars in BPO orders that they likely would not have been able to catch with our Order Central software. We ended up selling the software back in the summer of 2014 And the company wasn't able to continue on our great success, they closed their doors less than a year after we sold it. It was a very controversial software but so very powerful and effective. There are still Auto-Accept software providers out there that may help you get more orders, one that I'd recommend is AA Solutions, just google search them.

    I've seen and heard just about everything you can imagine happen to folks that use this technology, so if you have any questions please let me know. It was a wild, amazing ride that I was blessed to experience, everyone please just make sure to do your research, so that you don't end up fired or blacklisted from a reputable company. I think the best policy is full-disclosure and there may be other ways to get more orders like focusing on becoming a preferred agent with a company, so you don't have to compete for orders, they will auto-assign them to you.

    Warmly, Nicole Ocean

  • Many of the platforms do not allow the use of Auto accept service.

    I know I learned the hard way. They will catch you.

    Keep and eye on your scores. Some of the platforms if your score drops below 95% will put on a delayed broadcast. Some times as much as 3 hours. What that means is that Everyone else gets the email 3 hours before you do and that bites!!

    Good Luck

  • What email provider are you using?  Different providers have different speeds at which they send through the email.

    What speed internet connection do you have at home or office?  The faster your connection the faster you will get an opportunity to accept.  If you are using a low tier cable connection versus someone with the top speed connection, you are already behind the eight ball. 

    What is your password?  Some bpo firms require you type in every time.  Make it minimum length.  Less typing gain a little speed.

    Good luck.

  • I did use an auto-acceptor back when I use to get a lot of orders from a single company or platform at one time.  Those companies don't seem to care if you use one.  

    That said, I stopped when one of the platforms started to use a bidding process for their fees.  I also stopped when the fees were no longer acceptable and there was no way to negotiate.   I also stopped when one of the platforms restricted the number of orders I could accept and I'd end up with orders in 3 completely different directions and distances.

    It used to work well when we had 5 days to complete a BPO.  You could accumulate orders and go out in one efficient trip.

    I'd say to go ahead and use one.  Define your fee and zipcodes well. Most BPO companies and platforms will tell you in advance if they allow.  Check the discussions here for those companies that will definitely drop you if you use one.  Clear Capital is one of them for sure.  Many of these companies also have a quick mobile app that allows you to accept without a cumbersome login.

  • I can grab them in seconds after they are emailed to me. My phone is attached to my hip. 

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