BPO Fulfillment inspection orders tonight

They have sent me about 50 orders and emails tonight sending the same orders repeatedly. So I decided to take the one in my neighborhood and maybe another one close to one of my listings.  I had to reset my password since I haven't used the website in a while. I  accept the one then tried to accept the other. Then the system says I've accepted my limit. A limit of one when there are still about 45 orders still there after 4 hours. And the deadline is Sunday. 

Weird business model. 

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  • Forms are way to cumbersome. They require more information and downloading of all kinds of info from MLS.  I can't even justify the time to get the photos for the money they pay. If I want to work for less than $10 per hour I'll go get a job at a Starbucks.  There are many other companies willing to pay for our expertise and I'll be happy to work with them.

    • I don't know how these agents expense so much time and gas to do a BPO that will take me a least 3 hrs to do plus 1/2 to take the pcs for $35 to $50.00. I had done 2 BPOs in 1 week several time and I got burned out.   

  • Their forms are so time consuming.  I get offer after offer from them for 35.00.  I decline and put my required fee and I rarely get them up.  So I just let them go.  Not worth the work when I get 100 or more from other companies.  They must have had a huge client order, I got several orders my self yesterday. 

    • I agree on the BPO form. It looks like the last time I took a BPO or maybe just changed my password was August. I thought I'd take an inspection mainly to see THAT form again and determine if it's worth doing.

  • At 10 pm, all 45 of the remaining orders just disappeared. I doubt that a single person or several logged on at that moment and accepted the orders. Maybe they simply removed them since I couldn't accept them.  

  • Orders are from Mainstreet Valuations. It still gets me that there is never a link to the website to quickly accept an order and you can't save your login info.

  • Their bpo's are a pain to do and I don't even bother anymore.

    • I agree.

  • What company is it and how much do they pay?

    • Mainstreet Valuations. $20. They are exterior  inspections. AND the other orders are still there. 

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