• yep, seems like several banks hit the market at the same time!! who sent out the orders ias? cause that was my asst mgmt company that hit the hardest!! and i hear that lsi and v.v.s. is gearing up for a big slam next week

    good luck

    • Well, that slam was 2 yrs ago...... its been dead pretty much all yr (2012) for me.... if I can manage 6-7 a mo. its something. I've only completed 2 in Dec..... am shocked.....dont know what else to do.... send chocolate?

      I should be bald by now....lolol


      • honestly 

        i got hit hard with the 4 companies i have under my belt!!

        and yes, chocolate and candy or pizza for lunch goes a long way! several years ago i went to denver to visit a company that now is my #1 supplier and delivered 100 cuban sandwiches from miami and that was a hit and before i got off the airplane the next day in miami, i had 20+ bpo's and 4 reo listings in my in box.....

        be creative!!! i'm sure you can come up with something....


        sorry it took 2yrs to answer your original request!! talk about a slow realtor!


        • lolo..... hmmm.....well, your in miami.... I' m in ft. lauderdale..... lets go visit Sams w/ cuban sandwiches......

            its so amazingly slow...... and I have good rpt cards...... dunno whats going on??? Have you slowed down as well in the last 3-4 mo.s???



  • I am in Texas and I usually get 2 to 3 per day - last Thursday I got 9!!
    • yep--- awesome... looks like alot of areas are picking up bpo biz... hopefully they will translate to listings!!!
  • Same old, same old in Twin Cities of Minnesota. Nothing unusual in numbers here.

  • Wow! That's great! No just a few.
  • Rose,
    Yes, I am in No Cal. I got more than I can handle. I had an agent wanting to learn. It actually slowed me down as I have to redo every one.

    If you get that many do you use any specialized software. I have a problem understanding how they can have that many macros as many companies have changed the forms this year.
    • I dont have any auto responder--- they just came... and now they keep comming at about 15 per day.....I was only able to do about 24 of them.. by myself...... now I'm training 3 more realtors.,, hopefully , they will train 1 -2 more afterwards......if there is a macro that works and can be updated regularly or altered for the different needs ... I think I want to know about it toooooo!
      well, hopefully, the new agents will be ready by the by the 1st week of april.....
      >>>***also, my previous broker recvd 8 listings last week... seems as though the market is starting to release a few properties. Although, I havent recvd any...YET ( I am hopefull) lololl

      Do you use a macro??
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