Background Check ... Curious

I work with around 100 companies as an Independent Contractor of this only 2 BPO firms have required a Background Check. 

For the agents online here I'm curious to see how many of your BPO companies require a Background check.   Do not list the Company in your reply, just the number of companies requiring a Background Check.

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  • 3 of my companies asked for the backround check, but, I only paid for one of them and sent the same one around.  If they tell me that I have to pay for a new one, I decline.  There are too many companies out here that don't require a background check for me to pay for a background check and then not get any more orders than I would have anyway.

  • I did pay Sterling for one background check then another 2 companies required them. We had long discussions as to why I should pay for another check by the same company. Finally they said get a copy of check from sterling, black out some info & send it to them. They accepted the copy. I also said I was tired of their "lunacy in mgmt policy" that required vendors to pay more than once for a identical document.
  • I have now been seeing this a lot.  The background check is done through a 3rd party and no credit check is involved.  

  • Several of the big ones. They use Sterling and all accept the background check but you only pay once. Sterling will send it to the company. Look at REVVA for the list of members

  • I had two companies that wanted to charge $49.95 me for a background checks.  I said no to both and told them that in Ohio we must maintain a spotless background or our license will be suspended.  As they did not pay enough for the BPOs anyway, I quit working for them.

  • We all in the industry should be prepared for this as it will become the norm in the future.  If your BPO company has anything to do with any of the major lending institutions they are requiring.  I am in Texas which is one of the hardest States to get and maintain your license but that does not matter to any of them.  So far ALL of the companies that I do business with are requiring them but lucky for me I only had to pay Sterling one fee as they all have taken that background check.  

  • I am in Texas and I have been fingerprinted by the State, as is required to be a Realtor here.  Not quiet sure why this fingerprinting is not good enough for the companies requiring this.  Seems like once you are fingerprinted that should be good enough, esp. if your state requires it.  

    • The same thing in Oregon.  We have to pass a federal back ground check in order to get our license and declare every license renewal (2 years) if we have had any criminal charges which can be verified by the state at their discretion in case you say no and actually have had charges.  Then the state can suspend or revoke your license. I also do not see why a company I have been doing BPOs for for many years with no issue, is now requiring a background check.  

      • i have a question... many of these companies outsource their QC work , etc. to contracted workers overseas. Do those employees, who have access to financial information, have to do background checks??

    • The same in California. Passing the State exam is the easy part. Qualifying to receive the license, they make you jump through all kinds of hoops. Failure to report a bankruptcy, judgement, child support lien, DUI or any arrest without a very good explanation may cause you to not receive a license and/or be suspended during your licensing period. 

      And like I mentioned in a prior posting, when I accept an order I rarely know anything more than the address and the debtors name. It is never mentioned the reason for the BPO or any other information on the debtor. Occasionally I might know who the requester is for a BPO order. So I don't know what the big deal is with the background checks other than that possibly the BPO mills are in bed with the background check companies in order to generate cash since available BPO orders across the board with all companies have decreased over the last year.  

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