Does anyone happen to have a contact for them or even better Tom Oldefendt. His old email was Looking for updates on our donation. There were still promises flying around at recent 5 Star and REOMAC conferences that they were still alive. I do see he is speaking in San Diego. Might go just to say hello to Tom.

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  • Nothing has come through for Nashville area either. Repeated calls and e-mails since early 2009. I even asked if they would return my registration fee since they don't seem to have assets for Middle Tennessee. You'll be amazed to hear, they have not responded to those requests! Moving on!
    • Did you see my post earlier where Tom sent me an email notifying me that someone else had taken this over? I've called the number and it's an intirely different company. Give them a call and see what you find. I just found, last night, a copy of all their promises that I had printed, clearly showing AMS's representation for this money gram they did. At what point do we, as Realtors, stand up and show we aren't going to stand for this. Don't we only need 8 people for a class action suit? Isn't this fraud???
  • I talked to him on Friday night and he did speak at the CREOBA dinner, but I didn't grab his card. I'm hitting Ray up for his info now....

    • I told Ray and Scott about this.. emailing them approximately a week ago. Neither of them responded, I took this as though they think what he has done is ok, I even referenced this conversation. Of course that idea brings me sadness. Thanks for any help you can be with this.
      • would be great to be able to get some idea of what is going on from somebody. if the company is gone and that should be told. refunds would be appropriate if they do not perform as they promissed.
  • Maybe we should start a petition into the investigation of these companies that rip us off - I have not received anything and I signed up and paid in April 2009!
    • Absolutely! If nothing else the Better Business Burea should be contacted. While they really can't do much, they can send mail naming complaints, and if we all submit a complaint individually, that's a lot of mail and requests for explanations.
    • I am sure its a very long list of us who have signed up. Are you going to REO CON by chance Cindy?
  • I just dug up the last email they sent me in April of 2009, it seems the company kinda changed hands and Tom wants us pestering someone else :) When the email came in I found it odd and figured he wasn't involved anymore. I went with it because one of our biggest REO brokers in town gave a referral.

    As a valued AMS business partner we would like to inform you that If you need any information about the status of your account, modifying your personal information or about REO property listings you can contact :

    Craig Berardi
    19500 Jamboree Road
    Irvine, CA 92612
    Tel: 949-475-4984

    We are looking forward working with you.

    Best Regards,

    Asset Management Servicing
    • He did give up control to the "company". When I did see him at REOMAC in Hollywood he told me he had taken control back and things would be changing. That was 3 months ago and still nothing. This is why I would like to contact him but do not have a way to. I might have to reconsider REO CON for that reason.
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