• To all of you that say you love IAS, you must all be out of your mind. Dont wast your time working for them as I dont believe that they will around by the end of the year.

    It took me over a year to collect on some 60 bpos they owed me, and I finally cut them off (after I got paid), but even so, they still owe me for utilities and repairs that I paid for on the last REO, and still waiting for payment.

    Julio A. Shea


    O'Shea Realty of Miami, LLC

  • Is any one having problems getting Paid from them? They own me @3k

    • I have worked with IAS since 2007. Some times they get a lttle slow but they always pay. They are a great firm ro work with be patient.


        Same here i have work with them since 2005 and now they are slow paying.

        The only thing that worries me is that i asked where my money is and they keep saying they are looking into. Last time i got paid from them was in Dec/11 and now as of today im in @ 3500 that they own me.

        I got hold of upper management and when i talk to him i had 5 orders in my tank. He said that he would have an answer by next week.


        Next thing i know all 5 orders get canceled they said that the it was client request. The funny thing was all 5 where different client.

        I will keep you posted as far payment.


        I hope they get everything gooing good becuase they are a good company to work for

        • Gerry,

          What kind of orders were the 5, BPO or REO listings?  And what is the $3500 payment for?

          I believed they may have changed management end of 2010.  They have been slow for me on BPO and compensation for utilities I paid.  I have needed to ask for payment several times after long waits.

          I have a contractor waiting for payment since 10/21/11, that did work on one of my REO listings.  This property sold last November.

          I have a strong suspicion that they are not being compensated enough by the banks.  They may be bidding too low to win the banks business and then come up short...?

          I hope they get it together because they can be great to work with...

          • Ouchhh........James...

            They where all BPO. You migth to start calling them and see whats going.


            2 months ago iwas dealing with 4 asste manger.  They where great and i just found out. They are all gone.

            Something is not rigth there.

            • They merged with another company.  That company had a fair amount of debt they are having to pay off.  When I talked to them in Dec 2011, they were starting to recover.  I haven't received any order since I pursued my payment (and received it).  I hear from others that's the pattern.  If you push a little, they cut you off.  They have always been a good company to work with, but I can't work free.

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