•  just laugh at them and tell them they must be joking.  65.00 is my bottom line and it goes up from there

  • Old Republic routinely sends out BPO requests for $35.. There must be some agents out there taking them at that fee or they wouldn't keep sending them.  As for me, $35 isn't worth my time and effort.  I had a request from one company for a desktop (no photos required) for $12.  Even with no required photos, the time it would take me to find good comps is worth more than $12. I'll take a very local drive-by for $45, if I know there are plenty of available comps, but not if it's a very old or unique property that's going to take a lot of time and effort to find comps.

    • Where are you? They send them out here at $30 and most of the time, somebody bites. They will call me for maybe 1 out of 10 of them and I'll do them for $50. Maybe that is when the other agent who normally takes them for $30 has a shift to cover at McDonald's and can't make it?

  • Aint never gunna happen. Here in Orygun, there are over 20,000 real estate brokers and the majority are starving. Ill bet BPO companies could get brokers to do orders for 25 bucks all day long. You would never harm their business by refusing to work for a certain amount.  Look what FARVV did with its stupid 'BID' system. How do we know they even use it??!! We may be cutting our own throats for nothing by 'bidding' lower. In fact, I tried bidding lower than everyone and didnt get any more orders, so I went back to full price and for some distances even over bid and my order count is the same.

    • everyone knows what their work is worth, if it is 35.00 it must be low key.


  • I always ignore them. Then they cant get anyone to do it so they ask me how much and I do them for around 10$ more than I do anyone else. It feels so good to tell them no.

  • Yes, but as in any business there are always the "bottom feeders" who will work for peanuts __ they know what their service is worth, I guess---I will not do a drive by within a 5 mile radius for less that 55.00 and the further out the fee goes up to 150.00 depending on the distance.  It everyone refused to do these 35.00 ones they might get the message.....

    • i agree-

      working for 35 bucks, after expenses ,is basically minimum wage

    • I'm with you, Patti!

      If I'm going to do one out of town, I charge by the driving hour, not mileage, $50 per hour plus the BPO.

      If a company has several in a given out of town area I will combine drive time to give them a break; this 

      will usually result in a good deal for us both.

  • I get these daily, they just sit unanswered.
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