AMRE-Asset Management Real Estate

Has anyone done any business with this company? I received a solication from them today. see below.


"Asset Management Real Estate (AMRE) is a diversified asset management company, headquartered in Denver, Colorado.  We are currently looking to expand our broker network by partnering with the best local agents in preparation for business growth across all product lines including:

  • Valuations (BPO)
  • Property Inspections
  • REO Disposition
  • Rental Valuation (RPO)
  • Property Management (rental)

If you are interested in joining the AMRE broker network and receiving assignments please click the link below to be directed to the online application.

Click here to apply: and select “Register Now.”  Once your application has been approved, you will be contacted by AMRE. 




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  • I signed up several months ago and received email stating there were some openings for BPO's in some nearby zip codes.
    So added just a few and got two BPO's and knocked them out today.It was easy peazy. Will update on progress.
  • I signed up several months ago. Nothing yet!

    • @Ira

      Have you been paid in a timely manner? 

      • Yes, we have been working with them for about two years now. 

  • I've successfully completed several BPO's for them.  Form is nice to use, pictures/map features are cool & easy.  So far, so good - but no REO assignments (yet). 

    Also, they advised they have needs in MEMPHIS, TN and in UP-STATE MICHIGAN when I spoke w/them today (accepting a new BPO assignment). 

  • Has anyone heard anything else about  these people?? I had been accepted.... but all is quiet?????


    • They are based out of Denver. We have worked with them for about two years. We have never had a problem with payment. They have a different business model. Recently its been based more towards property management.

    • Just got my solitation today. I must be on the bottom of the list. I did some checking and it appears they may be using this for the REO to RENTAL Program. By the way MM isn't in my market area.

  • It appears that the company was started by two friends or former associates of a Company called Clay Fixed Income. One of them recently worked at IASREO as a VP of Operations ( I am still waiting on money from them) , Brian Frye. The other person Ben Bloise was a marketing and sales executive at a company


    TheirPartners page appears to be incomplete..They are probably getting a roster together inhopes ofgetting some buisness away from their previous employers...

  • I received another invitation today, however from a new or different web page/ website

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