• Move on from this company, lots of work for little pay, and move you from manager to manager.

  • This is a company that is vary different. However, they have a lot of properties
    and opportunities. Move forward in working for this company. Bingo!  


    Ron - Houston

  • I jumped thru the massive amount of hoops to get into the rental program, and we did about 5 rental assessments for them paying 50 each then never heard back from them.  They recently contacted me too to upload new expired docs to maintain in their pool, they only had 1 rental in all of MD, not worth my time again to jump thru the hoops and the they dont pay a typical month's rent to advertise the rental only a percent of such so you cant offer on MLS. Alot of work for little reward

  • I received this same request March of last year:

    Hello Linda,

    I’m writing from Altisource Rental Homes since I saw your application in one of our portals.

    Altisource is currently working in a new business venture with rental homes. Actually, we are looking for someone to help us with this in Bend area.

    Should you be interested in receiving more information about this new venture please let me know and I can forward it to you.

    Kind regards, 

    (name & contact information removed)

    I had to decline being able to do this service because the company I work for does not have a property management branch.  As you can see, no details were given.  Eugene, is this similar to the contact they made with you?

    • Yes. They actually called me. I do not have property management division either. I actually just started at a new brokerage. If this was something that anyone had good feedback, I was going to consider it.

  • Eugene - What kind of fees are they offering right now?
  • BACK AWAY from rentals.  I worked for Altisource (Ocwen) for 12 years, they kept lowering the fees and I kept upping mine ....they did not want to pay so I

     did not want to work for them.  They are CHEAP and you have to deal with people who do not speak fluent English.  Not worth the headaches


  • Refer them to your property management department. I have never had any problem with Altisource BPO payments or REO listing problems. My company has not received any rental referrals to judge anything by.
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