Anyone remember this company from a few years ago?  Scamming agents for a $295 sign up fee and not providing listings.  Good news! I got a check today from Illinois Attorney generals office for the amount of the sign up fee.  I filed a complaint with them a few years ago and looks like it paid off.  Hopefully most of you have filed  complaints as well.  Anyone else received anything?

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  • I too paid them, would you be able to tell me how to try and start the process if it isnt too late?

  • Tony, we fell for this scam a few years back. A year went by and nothing.  I complained to them and surprisingly they refunded our money.  We're now trying to get our money from BrokerPriceOpinion.com.  They partial paid but are scamming us out of $575 owed for BPO work completed in 2013.  Sent a letter to Colorado's Attorney General office. I'm not holding my breath waiting on a check but I'm not giving up either.  Congrats on getting paid!

    • Did anything ever become of the Brokerspriceopinion.com complaint ? they owe me near 700. from work done in illinois a few years ago. 

      • BrokerPriceOpinion.com finally did pay but it took over 1 year.  I also filed several complaints to the local BBB and the letter I sent to the Colorado's AG office was also sent to the owner and CFO at the time.  I kept calling and emailing the accounting department (so I had an electronic copy) at least once a month.  Incredible that you have to badger people to get paid for work.  I also had a difficult time getting paid (almost 6 months) from a company called OMNIA, but they finally did pay up.  Good luck all!

        • I also am having a problem getting paid from OMNIA.  I was thinking to send it to collections to see what they can do.  

        • thanks, I am still trying to get about 825 from them,back dated about 5 years!

  • They got me 2 yrs ago and I did a bpo, never got paid, and when I followed up 2 months later, no one answered the phones and/or emails and no way to get ahold of them.

    Wow, 1000 of us gullible realtors paying a fee over the phone while we are on the road working hard and finding out it was a scam too boot!  

    1000 x $295 is $295,000 not bad for a weeks work.....imagine how much money they made in 2 months time!  

    $2.5 Million I would suppose!!

  • Great Job, Tony!  I took the credit card route in getting my money back. I made the mistake of giving my credit card without checking first.  Checked it after the phone call and call my credit card company that I wanted to cancel the charge.  I was told to wait for it to go into their credit card system.  Calling that company was useless.  They are trained to not to answer phone calls.  They will call you if there is no money complaints.

    It was a lot of research to screen shot my laptop and paste all the website complaints onto a word document, which were converted into a PDF file to mail them to my credit card company.  Some I had to copy and paste. I had to explain how they would scam Realtors with PROMISES THAT THEY DON'T DELIVER THEIR PROMISES, based on the complaints enclosed.  The promise is, of course, the REO, even though some Realtors got paid from the $295 for doing the fake $50 BPO.  I even included the Realtors' contact information, in case they needed verification. Also, mentioned the fact that FootPrint RE or FootPrint REO had used other company names in the scamming such as ABS.  I had asked my credit card company they really need to get to the bottom of this company on how they have been scamming Realtors all those years.  Was it an inside job within the credit card industry or was the credit card registered under a different name to qualify for credit card account.  There is definitely something wrong how they were able to get away with this for years.

  • That is great.  I was scammed too.  I would love to have my $295 back.

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