2020 REO Companies

What are the most recent REO companies, that are legit, that everyone has signed up for? 

As the industry has changed so much over the dozen years I think we should use this discussion page to note good REO companies in the new decade...

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    • Hey Seb, I'm actually good with making a page for these companies on the site. I will work on that today in fact. It will be available for members only to see.
  • Awesome post, thank you!
  • FAS, Keylink, Bayview 

  • I have done work for Selene in the past. They are GREAT. 

  • Here in Chattanooga I list for SPS, Selene Finance and Shellpoint mortgage. Green River Cap has been very quite.  What about you?

    • Do you know if Selene works in CA?
    • Shellpoint tried to reduce the brokerage fee at the closing table on me in 2019.
    • GreenRiver Capitol has the only Freddie Acct out there. They Should def. pick up over the next year!
    • how did you sign up with shellpoint?
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